Virk Equestrian Arts LLC

The facility offers riding lessons, choice horses for sale, special breeding services, limited boarding and shall be soon also offering essential equine equipment items and equine related items for Sale.

We offer Beginner lessons as well as Advanced to the tangible benefit to both. Similarly, we can bring along a green horse or improve a trained one. The teaching is based on Classical Methods and there is a special emphasis on safety. The goal is to always have unity with the Horse and ride in balance which ensures safety while riding as well as provides the exhilaration and pleasure riding is meant to provide.

We provide Group lessons as well as individual lessons.

Chief Instructor: Vijay Virk

Vijay is a Graduate of the Morven Park International Institute which was listed as one of the Great Riding Schools of The World when it was in operation. He has had the good fortune to have had instructors of international renown; Major Bela Buttkay, Col Darley to name a couple- both Olympic riders. He also trained at the Army HQ Equitation School (India). He has been a Rider with the Royal Lipizzaner Stallion Show and showed the Lippizans all over the US and Canada. He has managed stud farms and is versed in all manner of matters equine – teaching riding, training horses, horse management!

Address: Virk Equestrian Arts LLC , 42396 Spinks Ferry Rd ,Leesburg VA 20176-5702
Phone: 571-345-4501
Email: [email protected]


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Limited boarding is offered on availability and level of care desired.


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